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DRC PPC-B Project Awarded TOC Certificate

Source: CNBM

Date: June 24, 2017

On June 22, the DRC PPC-BARNET 3000TPD cement project contracted by Sinoma Overseas Development Co., Ltd. was awarded the Taking Over Certificate (TOC) by the Owner. It marked the completion of construction. The plant was officially transferred to the Owner and entered the warranty period.

The owner is PPC Group, the largest cement producer in South Africa. The cement production line covers the entire process from raw materials preparation to packing & delivery. Ever since the beginning of the construction, Sinoma Overseas Development Co. had pushed forward the project progress by building captive sandstone plant and captive power generation facilities, overcoming shortage of sand, stone, water and electricity at the site and threats imposed by contagious diseases of malaria, ebola and cholera. In February 2016, single machine commissioning was achieved, which was four months earlier than the contract term. Meanwhile, project quality was rated 100%; safety accidents was 0; performance guarantee test had a one-off pass, surpassing the contract prescribed targets.

The smooth implementation and execution of the project obtained affirmation from the Owner, South Africa PPC Company. During the construction period, the project received attention from DRC government, and the President and the Prime Minister of DRC visited the site respectively for several times. They both spoke highly of the project. The President of DRC Hon Joseph Kabila commended: “Sinoma is practically a magician who built a cement plant over a night!”

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