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CUCC’s Mongolia Mengxin Bayin Gala Co. Ltd. Won the “Best Enterprise Award” in Mongolia

Source: CNBM

Date: June 21th, 2017

Recently, CUCC’s Mongolia Mengxin Bayin Gala Co. Ltd. won the “Best Enterprise Award” in a safety evaluation organized by the Mongolian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. Of the five enterprises winning this award, Mengxin is the only foreign-funded company. Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Protection of Mongolia, Mungunchimeg Sanjaa presented the award to Mr. Bai Dongzhi, CEO of the company.

Since the company’s 1 million ton t/d cement project came under construction, the safety management situation has been intricate and complex. Notwithstanding, the project’s managing staff have been insisting on practicing the safety culture of CNBM and CUCC, and have required all the participating units to take safety and precaution as priority and to strictly abide by the Mongolian Law of Occupational Safety and Health. During the three years of construction and production operation, Mengxin achieved zero injuries, fatalities and accidents, and passed the inspection and assessment by the Mongolian safety inspection authority with outstanding performance.  

By winning this award, Mengxin not only brings honor to CNBM, CUCC and all the Chinese funded companies, but won respect from the Mongolian society. In the future, Mengxin plans on seizing the opportunities brought by the “Belt and Road” Initiative, keeping up the excellent safety performance, and building a good reputation for Chinese companies in Mongolia.

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