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CNBM Member Companies Jointly Signed Contract for a Turkish 7500 t/d Cement Project


Date: June 16th, 2017

After the merger, CNBM formulated the strategy of consolidating its international engineering services sector. Following this corporate strategy, member companies joined efforts to pool resources for overseas engineering projects and expand the international market.

In April, Nanjing Kisen International Engineering Co., Ltd. and CNBM International Engineering signed a joint bidding agreement to bid for the 7500 t/d cement clinker plant of Turkey’s YALIM Group. The two companies also established a working group for this matter. In the spirit of a mutually beneficial partnership, the two companies fully utilized Nanjing Kisen’s technical advantage in industrial design and construction management, and gave full play to CNBM International Engineering’s business advantage in international marketing and financing negotiation. After rounds of negotiation, they finalized all the technical and business negotiation, and held the signing ceremony on June 15th. CEO of Nanjing Kisen, Feng Jianhua, and CEO of CNBM International Engineering, Zhang Liao co-signed the project cooperation agreement.

CNBM Group has been expanding its engineering project market along the “Belt and Road Initiative” route. The Group has signed several cement and cogeneration projects in Turkey, and has established a good reputation in the Turkish market. YALIM Group is a famous brand name in Turkey, and has businesses in the industries of manufacturing, agriculture, architecture, real estate, etc. The cement plant is the Group’s major industrial investment project. The Owner hopes that through working with CNBM in engineering design, equipment supply and follow-up services, they can extend cooperation with CNBM in various areas.

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