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Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute’s STAR EPC project in Indonesia Completes and receives Final Acceptance Certificate from Owner

Source: CNBM

Date:June 10, 2017

Recently, Hefei Cement Research & Design Institute’s 5,000 t/d clinker production line(phase Ⅰ) EPC project in Indonesia completed and received the Final Acceptance Certificate from the owner, PT Sinar Tambang Arthalestari.

Construction of the project started on November, 1st, 2013. Faced with problems such as poor quality of the original fuel materials, serious discrepancies between the geological report provided by the owner and the actual conditions, multiple changes in land appropriation, and power supply delay, the Institute leveraged their technological strength and teamwork, through careful organization and management, and reasonable adjustment of the design and construction plan, eventually achieved ignition 7 months ahead of the contractual time limit (including time extension). The project received the Provisional Acceptance Certificate and then the Final Acceptance Certificate from the owner.

At present, the production line’s performance indicators including the output, heat consumption, and electricity consumption are better than the contracted requirements. The project maintains a stable output of over 5,300 t/d, and the product BIMA cement has become a famous brand name in the Indonesian market.

The success of the Indonesian STAR EPC project earned the Institute recognition from the owner, and received praise from the Indonesia Cement Association and the Chinese Embassy in Indonesia. The Counselor’s office of the Embassy rated the project as “an exemplary EPC project by Chinese companies in Indonesia”. The project is displayed on the Embassy’s bulletin board.

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